Best poster presentation award for Dr. Reihane Ziadlou, EAACI Immunology winter school, Switzerland.

#EAACI Immunology winter school

Dr. Reihane Ziadlou’s exceptional research and outstanding presentation skills led to her being awarded the prestigious Best Poster Presentation at the EAACI Immunology winter school in Switzerland. Her poster, titled “Multiplexed spatial mapping of panniculitis: Deciphering the signatures of subcutaneous adipose tissue inflammation,” showcased her groundbreaking work in unraveling the intricate signatures of inflammation in subcutaneous adipose tissue. By employing a multiplexed spatial mapping approach, Dr. Ziadlou’s research sheds light on the complexities of panniculitis, paving the way for potential advancements in the diagnosis and treatment of this condition. This recognition further solidifies Dr. Ziadlou’s position as a promising researcher and underscores her commitment to pushing the boundaries of immunology.